These 4 flowers that look great all year round

Planting flowers in your landscape design is an affordable solution to improving your homes curb appeal, and creating a positive impact to the overall value of your property. To boost the curb appeal, choose flowers that look great all year round.

This post highlights the best flowers that you can add to your landscaping design for a bright splash of color all year round.  However, note that all flowers require proper care and maintenance to boost curb appeal.  Let’s jump right in!

1.  Daffodils

Daffodils are surprisingly easy to grow in your yard. The top reason landscapers choose daffodils is the at the flowers bloom lighting up the garden with their bright color. Besides, daffodils look great all year round, and do not take much of your time when it comes to maintenance.

Fall is the best time to plant daffodil bulbs in your garden. Before planting daffodils, make sure the soil has cooled off, and that the ground is workable when you plant. A spot with well-draining soil, enough sunlight or a partial shade, will be suitable for planting the flowers. To achieve maximum growth, choose daffodil bulbs that have shown pointy ends. To ensure they are looking nice, plant the bulbs in groups of five to ten. After the daffodils have bloomed, do not cut off the leaves.

2.  Tulips

The spring-blooming perennial features large brightly colored flowers that are cup shaped. Rated as one of most iconic flowers that look great all year round, the tulip has been attracting gardeners for decades. Suitable for your front yard, tulips can be grown in containers or garden borders, so long as they get access to full sunlight and in well-draining soil. Tulips require moderate watering in spring, and like all flowers, the roots need a cold period to develop roots. For best results, ensure tulips are grown deep enough so that temperature variations do not affect growth. There is no need for watering during the blooming season unless it hasn’t rained for over five days.

3.  Crocus

For winter garden color, consider planting crocus! The plants are easy to grow in different conditions, and they spread quickly, coming back year after year. In spring and autumn, crocus brings a burst of color to your garden, while the whitish flowers make a joyous display starting in the late winter.

To plant crocus, choose a spot with good draining soil, in a partially shady or fully sunny location. Most gardeners prefer planting crocus in the lawn, where they add a bright glimmer to the awakening grass. For spring flowering, plant crocus from early autumn, so they have ample time to produce strong roots before winter. Crocus spread by seed above ground and multiply corns underground, meaning the flowers will multiply quickly.

4.   Peony

The perennials bloom from late spring through early summer, depending on where they are grown. The longer living perennials feature lush foliage that will astound you. With six peony flower types to choose from, peonies make fine sentinels lining walkways or a lovely low hedge. Unlike tulips, crocus, and daffodils, the peonies require more maintenance. Choose a location with direct sunlight and well-draining soils.


When planting flowers, choose spring flowers combined with fall flowers. The combination ensures color all year round. Most importantly, contact professional gardeners for that unique curb appeal. Remember that flowers are not only good for that curb appeal but also perfect for the environment.  

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