Simple hacks to keep weeds out of your garden

Weeds compete for nutrients in the soil and sunlight, which can result in stunted vegetable growth. Weeds take up space, making it difficult for the vegetables to flourish. Because of this, you should keep weeds out of the garden. This post presents useful hacks to keep your garden weed free.

1.  Apply Mulching

Mulching keeps your garden weed free by depriving the weeds of light.  Another reason is that mulching hosts crickets and beetles, which seek out and devour weeds. Mulching also keeps the soil cool and moist, which is important for better plant growth.  

When using the mulching method, it is recommended you keep replenishing the mulch as needed. This is because the organic mulch may host some weed seeds, and so the weeds may start growing.  Alternatively, you may cover the soil surface with light-blocking sheet of cardboard or newspaper.

2.  Weeding

If the weeds are not grown yet, you can control them effectively by weeding while they are still at a young tender age. Weeding while the plants are still young is easier and takes less time, compared to weeding when the weeds have already matured.  Weed the garden after the rainy  season. However, make sure you wear appropriate protective gear and make use of the recommended tools. Note that the most suitable time to weed is while the ground is still moist. Under dry conditions, the weeds slice off at the soil line, and may not die completely as the roots are still functional.  

3.  Kill the weeds With Home Remedies Salt and Vinegar / Sodium Bicarbonate

A solution of salt and vinegar kills most garden weeks. Essentially, the solution will soak up the excess water, leaving the weed to dry up naturally. Sodium bicarbonate works in the same way when it comes to killing weeds. Essentially, the solution sucks up the plant’s sap, leaving it to dry up and eventually die.

4.  Use Commercial HerbicidesFor Weed Elimination

Another excellent approach for killing weeds quickly and conveniently is the application of commercial chemicals. The commercial chemical works faster compared to the home remedies we have discussed herein. However, although some commercial chemicals mask the plants thoroughly, the approach is almost similar, so it is impossible to take in air.

5.  Cut Off the Heads

If you are not able to uproot the weeds, do not stress about it. An alternative approach is just cutting their heads off. Cutting off the heads reduces the possibility of reseeding, helping to limit the spread of weeds. However, this method may not work on all types of weed.

6.  Keep the Grass and flowers Longer

Trimming the flowers too short makes it easier for weeds to grow and thrive. However, keeping the grass and flowers a bit longer will choke out the weeds naturally. Therefore, applying this method means you do not have to worry about weeding or using herbicides.

7.  Lay Down some Newspaper and Mulch

In established perennial beds, laying down four newspaper layers around your plants and adding some mulch helps get rid of weed. The newspaper covers the weeds, prohibiting them from growing.

Are you struggling with weed control in your garden, talk to an experienced gardening expert to help with weed control?  Experts apply the best methods when it comes to weed control, allowing your vegetables enough space and nutrients to keep flourishing.