Lawn Care

A lush green lawn is a symbol of the American dream. While a beautiful lawn can turn heads and impress your neighbors, an unkept lawn can be an eyesore for all. Most people know that mowing, trimming, watering, fertilizing, aerating and overall maintenance of your lawn can become a never ending chore. Thats why Seattle Landscaping Design is here to do the hard work for you.

Whether you just need a regular water and mow, or complete lawn overhaul, we’ve got it all. Seattle Landscaping Design will be there to care for all of your lawn needs, day after day, week after week, year after year. Take pride in the fact that you have the most beautiful lawn in the whole neighborhood without even having to lift a finger.

We love your lawn! We know you need a lush beautiful space to share with your family and friends. A place for the dogs to roam, the kids to play, and to host those barbecues and make those memories. Spend more time enjoying your lawn and less time toiling over your lawn.

Mowing and Trimming

Did you know that on average Americans spend around 2 hours per week caring for their lawn? Forget pushing around that heavy mower, and get rid of that hard to use edger. Seattle Landscaping Design can get it done faster, and do it better.


Give your lawn the loving nutrients it needs to flourish! We know the right fertilizer and plant foods your grass loves. Let us take let us provide your lawn with feeding solution and schedule to really make it pop this summer.


 Aeration is important in order allow a good mix of water, nutrients and oxygen to be evenly distributed among the roots of your lawn.  All lawns require aeration at some point, it’s a good maintenance technique to keep your grass healthy and green. Regardless if your lawn is already healthy, using plug aeration regularly will help your lawn to stay healthy and strong. The most commonly used technique of aeration is done with a plug aerating machine. This handy tool uses a series of hollow tubes to pull plugs of soil from the turf. You can rent one of these devices from your local hardware or gardening store, or you can hire Seattle landscaping design to do the job for you. When and how often you should be using this technique depends on several factors, for example what time of grass is in your yard and the local climate. A good rule of thumb is that aeration should be done when grass is growing most vigorously. Do not aerate your lawn during dry seasons and drought. Soil should be moist but not totally wet when performing this type of yard maintenance.