Landscaping Problems that are Completely Avoidable.

A beautiful landscape is a source of pride, but it takes a lot of work to achieve. In landscaping, there are several problems one may encounter, but they are completely avoidable. The issues only need proper care, attention, finding time and patience to fix them.

Here are some of the most common landscaping problems.

  1. Standing Water.

Water retention is due to low spots or excess run-off that cannot drain away quickly. Standing water makes it difficult for your landscape to maintain healthy turf and garden. Depending on your terrain features, a professional landscaping service can suggest a creative solution for your drainage issues.

  1. Soil Erosion.

Erosion is one of the most common landscaping problems. Erosion happens in your yard when you have a steep slope. Heavy rainfall could also make you lose soil if your garden has soil. You can build a retaining wall to stop erosion from ruining your landscape. Another option to control erosion is terracing or layered planting.

  1. Planting Errors.

Some problems can be avoided during the planting phase. Do not plant trees or shrubs too close together without regard to their future growth, since trouble will arise down the road, such as overgrowth that interferes with walkways. The future growth of plants should be considered while planting.

Planting errors can impact the health of your plants. If a plant is continually sickly and there is nothing you can do to improve it, the soil condition may not be suitable for the plant. Although replacing a poorly chosen plant is frustrating, it makes more sense than investing in treatments that never seem to work.

  1. Dead Grass.

Some unavoidable diseases and pest problems can cause brown patches in your grass. When the pests and diseases remain untreated, they can destroy your landscape. Although you may do everything right, this problem may creep in. You have to keep vigilant to spot early signs of trouble and address them swiftly to prevent dead grass.

  1. Mulching mistakes.

Mulching a landscape seems very simple, but in reality, there is a right and wrong way to mulch. Even when mulching is done by a professional, it’s a service that is sometimes rushed or performed by untrained workers. Failure by a professional makes us understand there is more to mulching than people tend to realize.

Some of the mulching errors include over mulching or under mulching, piling mulch against a plant, and using a defective mulch product. Piling mulch against a plant can cause bark rot and damage to the plants.  These missteps can wreak havoc, although they are avoidable through proper mulching habits.

  1. Unskilled Staff.

Preventing landscaping problems comes down to partnering with a professional who will have your back. You rely on the professional to know your property needs and get the solutions into place in a timely and effective way. We may say any landscape company will know how to perform services appropriately, but the truth is that some companies employ poorly trained people who are prone to making errors. When it comes to your landscape, hire someone you can count on.


Dealing with emerging landscaping problems is, in a way, an immense frustration. Working with a proactive professional fortunately will help in detecting these problems and addressing them early. Taking a little time to invest in your lawn and garden will help avoid these common landscaping problems and create a healthy and gorgeous landscape.