How to kill weeds

Weeds can cut off flowers’ food supply and cause harmful effects to your grass. To ensure healthy flowers all year round, get rid of weed often. The worst part about weeds is that they may never seem to stop growing, no matter the season. Before you begin landscaping, you want to know how to kill weeds, because they can cause serious damage to your flowers and lawn.

The stubborn invaders will require hours of labor to pull them loose. However, smart approaches will kill weeds permanently so you do not have to spend hours pulling them off.  Bear in mind that some weed removal methods will work better on annuals than on the perennials.

This post addresses how to kill weeds in your yard or kitchen garden.

1.  Use Pure Vinegar to Kill Weeds

Pure vinegar is the best approach to eliminating weeds of all kinds. However, vinegar is not particular about the target plants it eliminates. It dries out the plant stopping it from growing. Ideally, vinegar kills the unwanted plants from the top down making it easier for the gardener to extract them. However, if applied repeatedly, the white vinegar withholds enough moisture and nutrients from the plants to kill the roots. 

 For the application to be effective, make use of vinegar that has a higher concentration of acetic acids like horticultural vinegar and cider vinegar. To eliminate clovers in grass, use white vinegar. The white vinegar works effectively on the weeds and does not kill the grassroots.

2.  Chemical Control To Kill Weeds

The store-bought chemical is another effective answer to how to kill weeds. If you have weeds growing in between your grass or your flowers, consider the selective weed killer so you do not hurt the vegetation surrounding the weeds.

While chemical control kills weeds, the effectiveness, and more specifically the waiting period, will depend on the type of weeds you are dealing with. Before applying the chemical solution in your yard, consult the seller or the manufacturer for instructions on how to use the solution.

3.  Soil Solarization

This chemical-free application kills weeds effectively and helps control bacteria, weeds, and other common pests. The treatment involves covering the earth with a plastic tarp to trap the sun`s energy underneath and to heat the soil.  For best results, apply a transparent tarp cover made from polythene. Leave the area covered for at least a month during the hottest time of the year. 

4.  Apply Baking soda

 Are you still looking for an effective homemade solution to weeds in your yard? For years now, gardeners have applied baking soda as a natural weed killer. Similar to applying vinegar, sodium bicarbonate absorbs all the moisture out of the weed leaving it to dry. Apply a teaspoon of baking soda on each plant you want to get rid of.

To ensure maximum effect, start with wetting the soil and then sprinkle a teaspoon over the entire weed. If you notice weed growth after applying baking soda, repeat the process, but apply a little more to the weed.


How to kill weeds has been a serious problem among gardeners for a long time.  While the methods discussed above may work in a short term, it would help if you hired a professional landscaping company to help eliminate weeds in your yard and kitchen garden. Professionals have years of experience in weed control and apply environment-friendly measures that do not hurt grass or flowers in your yard.