How to attract birds to your garden

Birds are lovely creatures to have in your garden. The birds help to eat and control bugs, hence saving the gardeners need to apply pesticides. Birds are also incredible pollinators for your garden flowers, helping create new blooms. Therefore, any gardener should look for different ways to attract birds to their garden.

This post shares some essential tips to help in attracting birds to your garden. Let us get started right away. 

1.  Installing the Bird Feeders in your Garden

One of the practical approaches to attract the birds to your garden is the installation of bird feeders. You can purchase bird feeders or go for a homemade feeder. Along with installing the bird feeders in your garden, you must choose the best bird feeds to keep attracting the birds.  Consider peanuts, corn, mealworms, Niger seeds, and other feeds known to attract the birds.

2.  Provide Birds Somewhere to Nest

Birds are after a safe and secure nesting place. Therefore, installing bird friendly nesting boxes to the shrubs and shade trees in your landscape can be an excellent approach for attracting the birds. Ensure the nests are installed away from predators and avoid putting the nest directly facing the sun. Nesting boxes feature different shapes and sizes. The choice depends on the species of birds you want to attract to your garden. Examples of nests include open-fronted nest boxes, classic small-holed next boxes, and sparrow terraces.

Like bird feed, you can opt to purchase the nests or make a suitable nest, depending on the species you want to attract.

3.  Consider Bird-Friendly flowers

Some plant species attract birds more than other species. Therefore, planting various bird-friendly plants in your garden will make the birds want to come to your garden frequently.  Plants provide shelter and nesting sites to the birds. Besides, plants are a natural food source. Consider the berry-rich trees and shrubs as they give the birds a great source of food. Trees that feature an abundance of seeds attract different species of birds.  Trees with a large canopy provide the birds a relaxed and safe nesting place.

4.  Install a Bird Bath

Focus on making your garden a one-stop-shop for the bird’s daily routine. From a place where there is abundant food, a peaceful nesting place, and now, a place where the birds can wash down dry meals and quench their thirst. Water is essential if the birds are feeding on dehydrated meals. Keep an eye on the birdbath, as adding chemicals to the water can cause death to the birds. Change the water daily to supply the birds with cool and clean water.

5.  Reduce Predators in your Compound

Making the birds feel at home begins with getting rid of potential predators like cats, sparrow hawks, and dogs. Avoid using garden netting, especially during the birds’ breeding season, and place the bird feeders away from your house to minimize the risk of birds’ colliding with windows.


We have covered the essential tips to help you attract birds to your garden. Birds can be such adorable creatures, adding tranquility to your outdoor environment. However, to draw them, you need to provide a suitable environment. Ensure plenty of food, water, appropriate nesting locations, and get rid of any predators.