Get the right tools for the job

Make sure that you have a wide selection of good quality gardening tools to make your gardening experience easier and more enjoyable.  Below will list some of the essentials.


You can pick a pack of affordable gardening gloves at any gardening or hardware store.  Gloves will help to keep your hands clean and protect them from wear.


A good gardener should have a quality pair of pruners nearby at all times.  Pruners will be necessary for a variety of tasks such as clipping rogue stems and leaves, to harvesting vegetables.  This is a tool you will be using nearly constantly, so get a good quality pair and keep them close at hand when out in the yard.


A trowel, or spade will be useful for digging small holes and moving dirt around.  Find a good quality trowel with an ergonomic design for use in planting new plants or digging up old ones!


A good soil is critical to the success of any garden.  Be sure to choose a soil that is rich in nutrients and drains easily.  You can put a top notch soil straight into containers for planting, or improve the fertility of soil already in the ground by mixing a few inches of new soil with the first 6 or so inches of existing soil.

Watering equipment

Choose a watering can that hold a fair amount of water and has a large opening in order to make filling up easier.  Be sure that your watering can is able to reach a large area at once so you can spend less time watering and less time filling up.

Feed your plants

Plants need food too!  Find a good quality plant food at your local gardening store and stick to the directions on the package.


A standard shovel is a good thing to have in any garden, but don’t be afraid to check out some other more specialized types.  Some shovels may be designed with a narrow blade for working in tight spaces, or with a serrated blade for working with tougher materials.  Make sure that the height and weight of your tool are suited to you and the job.

Gardening fork

This will be a great tool for turning soil, breaking up clumps of soil or digging up roots in an existing garden bed.   You can also use this tool for aerating soil for planting, or getting rid of stones.

Rake and hoe

A rake can come in handy working with soil and smoothing out beds for planting if you have a large area.  A hoe is also especially useful for weeding and working soil, particularly in vegetable gardens.


A wheelbarrow or some other form of transport is a must have for every gardener.  You will need some way to haul all your tools and supplies around from place to place.  A wheelbarrow is great because it allows your to dump soil or mulch right where you want it instead of having to pour it with a bucket or some other method.