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Your outdoor space should be a sanctuary. Seattle Landscaping Design is committed to creating stunning outdoor environments that will bring peace and tranquility to our neighborhoods. We provide all the care and services required to not only create your ideal space, but also maintain its splendor. Allow Seattle Landscaping Design to work with you and your garden to create a space that you will cherish, and be proud to share with your friends and family.

Seattle Landscaping Design is here to help with your landscaping project from the beginning to the end and beyond. From the dreaming, to the planning, to the execution and the upkeep, you can count on Seattle Landscaping Design to offer you the best possible guidance, the utmost attention to detail, and the most regal experience possible!

A project is only as good as the sum of its parts! You can rest assured that Seattle Landscaping Design will use the best possible materials, the highest standards of industry practices, and a professional crew. From the initial concept design to the completion of the project, you can count on quality from us.

Our Services


Landscape Design

Work with our professional landscaping architects to create a space that is truly your own. Seattle Landscaping Design will collaborate closely with you to create a unique and beautiful garden. Our experienced landscapers will help to plan and implement flower beds and vegetable gardens, rockery, lawn areas, irrigation systems, and pathways. Allow us to help your vision come to life


Irrigation Systems

Take the work out of maintaining your garden with a quality irrigation system. A well designed sprinkler system will make the care of your yard a breeze, with easily automated set ups that will ultimately save you time and money, allowing you to focus on enjoying your outdoor space more. Contact the pros at Seattle Landscaping Design to find out what type of irrigation system might be best for you!


Tree Care

All trees require proper maintenance to ensure the best possible health. Tree trimming can also reduce the risk of damage to your property or garden as the result of falling branches or debris. Seattle Landscaping Design also specializes in the removal of dead, dying, and unwanted tree life. Call us for stump grinding and removal!


Concrete Installations

Enjoy your garden from the comfort of a professionally installed concrete patio. A concrete patio or retaining wall can improve the appeal of your yard, and professionally installed concrete can last for years to come. Call us to find out how concrete can be excellent choice when looking to enhance the functionality of your outdoor space.



Create order, direction, and purpose in your outdoor space with a beautiful and functional fencing option. Seattle Landscaping Design professionals will install a fence that will serve you for years. A fence can offer the benefits of privacy, as well as security for your home.


Weed and Pest Control

Managing weeds and pests are essential to maintaining a healthy and vibrant garden. Preemptive measures are the best way to control weeds and pests by stopping the problem before it even begins.


Yard Maintenance

Leave the trimming and pruning to us! Proper trimming and pruning techniques are essential to health and beauty of any garden. Trimming and pruning not only emphasizes the beauty and balance of your plant life, but also stimulates new healthy growth. We will handle the maintenance of your plant life as well as the removal of any leaves and yard wastes, keeping your property pristine!


Lawn Care

We employ careful trimming and manicuring techniques to keep your lawn lush and green. Establish a regular mowing schedule with us to ensure that your lawn is always cut and trim, looking its best at all times. Seattle Landscaping Design can also provide weed control and fertilization treatments for optimum lawn health.

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